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2 men arrested for stealing $4.50

February 3, 2014

2 Hoquiam men were arrested after attempting to steal change from washing machines.

Over the weekend, a citizen reported a burglary in progress in the laundry room of the apartment complex in the 400 block of Queen Avenue.

Sgt. Mitchell responded saw a man standing in front of the window near the laundry room of the complex. The man looked at the sergeant, looked through the window and fled on foot.

Sgt. Mitchell looked through the window to see another man standing in front of a washer machine with a screw driver in his hand prying on the coin box. Sgt. Mitchell found the door locked from the inside, so he knocked on the window. The suspect stopped prying on the machine and opened the door to surrender.

The 29 year old Hoquiam man was arrested at the scene for burglary. In addition to the screwdriver, Sgt. Mitchell recovered a crowbar and drug paraphernalia. The crowbar matched the pry marks on the door into the laundry room. Multiple washing machines were damaged with one suffering severe damage with the coin box removed.

While detectives responded, a resident reported a man hiding on his back porch. The 44 year old Hoquiam man was also arrested.

Neither man lived in the apartment complex; according to the manager, the laundry room had been burglarized several times over the last month.

The suspects were only able to retrieve $4.50 from the burglary. Both appeared to be under the influence.



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