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Level One Sex Offender arrested for stalking

February 3, 2014

A sex offender was arrested over the weekend after repeatedly trespassing on his neighbor’s property and harassing her.

Hoquiam Police were told that a level one registered sex offender was frequently bothering his neighbors, attempting to panhandle several times a day at various homes.

Neighbors had learned he was a registered sex offender and several of them had come into the station over the prior days in order to verify his status and review his registration information.

Officers were called to a home the 1100 block of Soule Avenue after the man was reported to be knocking on a door for the third time that day.

The man denied going to any of the houses and was told of the multiple complaints. He was warned that if he went onto anyone’s property without permission he would be arrested for trespassing.

On Friday, HPD were called after a man matching his description was knocking on a door for the seventh time in two days. The resident was scared and had locked herself inside her home.

Officers found the man on the porch, claiming he was looking for a friend. When told that he had been advised by several officers to stay away from the houses, the man claimed he was not aware.

He was arrested for trespassing and stalking. In addition to the new charges, the department will be reviewing his registration status to determine if his sex offender level should be aggravated to allow additional community notifications.


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