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Aberdeen man sells over $4500 in stolen metal for $139

February 4, 2014

A 22 year old Aberdeen man was arrested and booked into the Grays Harbor County Jail after he sold over $4,500 in stolen metal for $139 in scrap.

Employees at the scrap processing company in Hoquiam notified police of a suspicious purchase which had come into their facility.

Officer Hergert examined a brass propeller, a box of brackets and a box of machined cutting heads. The cutting heads appeared to be new as they were still in a box in bubble wrap. The brackets still had a shipping label attached for Vaughan Chopper Pumps in Montesano.

The metal had been sold by the Aberdeen man for $139.60 in scrap.

Officer Hergert contacted Vaughan Pump, who reported a series of ongoing thefts where these sorts of items had come up missing. No one knew the man who sold them, nor had given him permission to sell them.

The shelf brackets had a value of around $280 while the cutting heads were valued at $4,500. An owner of the propeller has not been identified.

The suspect admitted he knew the items were stolen, but that he didn’t steal them. He was supposed to sell the metal and split the proceeds with another person.

He was booked for Trafficking in Stolen Property in the First Degree.


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