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No more county permits needed for small buildings on your land

February 4, 2014

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners passed an amendment to an ordinance yesterday that will let residents build larger sheds and playhouses on their property without a permit. the size of the permit.

The Commissioners heard public comment before passing the ordinance change that will increase the exemption of needing a building permit from 200 square feet to 800 square feet yesterday.

Commissioners Herb Welch and Frank Gordon had reservations on the ordinance and Gordon said it had to do with safety.

“to have this minor filing fee, so that people know what’s on there. I don’t have a problem with paying the fee, just so that, if for nothing else for our first responder people or police, so that when they come on a piece of property it’s not a major surprise for them.”

The Commissioners passed the amendment unanimously but with the stipulation that it will be worked on to help resolve some of the issues that Gordon and Welch had. Commissioner Wes Cormier who was the main proponent of the amendment said that he is willing to make some changes.

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