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Hoquiam Sex Offender moved from Level 1 to Level 2

February 6, 2014

A Hoquiam sex offender had his level increased this week after repeatedly trespassing on his neighbor’s property and harassing her for the seventh time in two days.

52 year old Christopher Grim is now classified as a Level 2 Sex Offender living in the 700 block of Polk Street in Hoquiam. He was convicted in 1995 of Sex Abuse in the 2nd Degree in Marion County, OR.

In a statement to police following Grim’s recent arrest on a victim’s porch, she said that he first came to her home and knocked on the door and the windows. The victim did not know the man other than she had been told by a neighbor that he was a registered sex offender living nearby. The victim hid in her kitchen until after several minutes of knocking, he walked away.

Grim came back to the home two hours later and again knocked on the door and windows. When the victim she opened the blinds to ask him what he wanted; Grim claimed he was looking for “Linda”. The victim told Grim she was not Linda and did not know of a Linda in the area.

Later that night, Grim returned and the victim opened the blinds and said “what do you want?”; when he said “oh I made the mistake again” then walked off the porch.

The victim felt so uncomfortable in her home that night she packed a bag and went to her sister’s house for the night.

When the man returned, the resident said she was afraid for her life so she hid in the corner of her front room hoping Grim could not see her. She saw him walk past her kitchen window where he looked directly at her before walking back around the house and into the porch where he was arrested by Hoquiam Police and taken into custody.

Following the arrest, his status was raised from Level 1 to Level 2, allowing police to notify the community.

Residents can contact the Hoquiam Police Department with any questions at 532-0892 ext 102.

Sex Offender Grim

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