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Pacific County Emergency Management to call residents next week

February 6, 2014

Some residents of Pacific County will receive a test call from the Pacific County Emergency Management on February 13 between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. The test will call all landlines and registered VoIP and cell phones from Nemah to South Pacific County.

No calls are scheduled to be placed in the North County.

The Pacific County Emergency Management Agency has been working with Hyper-Reach as well as CenturyLink and Wahkiakum West to address potential issues that were found during an initial test of the system in October.

Pacific County residents are encouraged to visit http://co.pacific.wa.us/pcema/Notification.htm to register their phones to receive emergency notifications.

Notifications may also be received via text message or email.

Residents with questions or requiring additional information should contact Scott McDougall at (360) 642-9338, (360) 484-7338, or (360) 875-9338.


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