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“Breaker” featured in Northwest magazine

February 10, 2014

In the February-March issue of Gray, the Design Magazine for the Pacific Northwest, they take a look at how Adam Kuby used sandstone blocks previously installed on the façade of Aberdeen’s J.M. Weatherwax High School to create “Breaker”.

Constructed last summer at the Weatherwax Triangle, Breaker was created with funding from the Grays Harbor Community Foundation.

Kuby repurposed all of the available sandstone into the form of a large, cresting ocean wave. Four of the scroll-shaped sandstone blocks serve as the crest of the 64-foot long wave.

The artwork is intended to honor the legacy of the Weatherwax family and inspire residents and visitors in Grays Harbor.

“I’m really interested in the life of these stones,” Kuby said in the interview, “They originated as sand laid down 50 million years ago. A century ago, they were carved to embellish a school. Now, they’re part of art-work. And grain by grain, perhaps in the future they’ll make their way back to the sea again. It’s a timeless material.”

The article pays a special focus to the lights added to the finished structure, bringing a multi-colored show every night on Simpson Avenue.

To read the complete article, or subscribe to Gray, visit http://www.graymag.net.


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