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Washington State Patrol warn of phone scam

February 10, 2014

Washington State Patrol wants to warn people that there is a phone scam occurring in Washington requesting people to give their Social Security Number when they call a Florida area code phone number as part of an identity theft investigation.

WSP has received reports of residents getting calls from people identifying themselves as an official from the “Washington State Police” and the “U.S. Justice Office.” The callers are requesting people to “call today” to an (813) area code number in Florida to confirm their social security number.

Identity thieves often pose as businesses, banks, or government representatives in order to obtain your personal information. They may appear to be legitimate and convincing.

Never reveal your information to anyone you do not know.

WSP recommends if called by someone representing themselves as a WSP employee and asking for your personal identity information, to call a local WSP office to confirm the caller is an employee with the agency and to contact the office they work in for and ask why they need your information.


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