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Voters approve schools, reject stadium

February 12, 2014

Voters have rejected a new Elma stadium last night, but approved the vast majority of levies across the county.

The proposition to construct the new stadium is failing by over 100 votes and an over 54% NO vote coming from the area. If voters approved the measure, it would bring up to $8.4 million dollars, repaid with property taxes, into the school district for the facility.

Voters did approve all but one levy for schools last night, with an Oakville measure failing by 9 votes, 174-165, at the first count of ballots.

Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Cosmopolis, Elma, McCleary, North Beach, and Ocosta are currently passing their measures with over a 60% majority; Wishkah and Quinault are showing over 70% support. Mary M. Knight is showing just under 60% approval.

Many of these levies are not new funds, but replacements and renewals of levies already in place.

Over 10 thousand ballots were counted as of Election Night, showing almost a 32% turnout for the county.

The next ballot count will be on Friday.


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