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Hatfield sponsors bill allowing short-barreled rifles

February 19, 2014

Washington residents will be legally allowed to own and use short-barreled rifles under a bill passed by the Senate.

Senate Bill 5956, sponsored by Sen. Brian Hatfield, D-Raymond, would align Washington with more than 40 other states that allow residents to own such guns if they meet stringent federal requirements.

“This is a reasonable, simple piece of legislation that restores the rights of hunters, sportsmen and collectors to own and use these rifles,” Hatfield said.

Most short-barreled rifles are often cut down to a length of 26 inches or shorter and used for sporting purposes just like standard length rifles. Some hunters and sportsmen prefer a more compact rifle for its accuracy.

The bill was unanimously passed in the Senate. It now goes to the Washington State House of Representatives for consideration.


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