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Exports set record high for Washington

February 21, 2014

The state of Washington set a new record for exports in 2013 with $81.9 million in products and services sold to international customers, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce . Washington was one of 16 states that set new records, helping total U.S. exports reach $2.3 trillion, also a new high.

2013 saw an 8.4% increase for the state, but in the past five years the state has nearly tripled the national growth rate. Since 1996, Washington’s exports grew 209% compared to 153% for the nation.

Top Washington exports include fuel, industrial machinery, and wood.

Washington State Department of Commerce Director Brian Bonlender said, “With at least one in three jobs in Washington related to international trade, creating a culture of exporting is a key pillar of our economic development agenda”.

For more information about export assistance available from the Washington State Department of Commerce, visit http://www.exportwashington.com.


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