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Metal thieves caught stealing railroad tracks

February 21, 2014

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife warns residents to keep an eye out, and report anything suspicious they may see in the woods.

Local thieves will find any way possible to steal metals for scrap. Recently, WDFW got a call from a timber company based out of Mason County when they found thieves on railroad tracks through their land.

Security for the company contacted WDFW to report that several people had driven a truck down railroad tracks onto their land and were cutting up the rails. Officers Jewett and Smith were the first to arrive on scene, and when the thieves saw the officers, they tried to run, but were impeded by a swamp before surrendering.

The suspects will be charged accordingly.

If you see something suspicious, dial 911 to report.

Learn more about WDFW Police at http://wdfw.wa.gov/enforcement/.

WDFW Police

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