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Possible human skull found in Westport crab pot

February 21, 2014

Authorities have found what might be a portion of a human skull in a crab pot near Westport.

This morning, a crab fisherman pulled up one of his crab pots approximately 2.3 miles off of the coast, at a depth of 90-100 feet. The fisherman had set the pot last week.

According to Undersheriff Dave Pimentel, it is not known how the possible remains got into the pot.

The fisherman called the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office, who met him at the docks, and took the portion of what could be part of a human skull into evidence. At this time, it is being sent to a lab in King County to confirm if it is or is not human remains.

At this time, GHSO cannot confirm if it is part of a skull.


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