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Hoquiam to put crude by rail through more research

February 25, 2014

The Hoquiam City Council voted to have the crude by rail projects to start going through the strictest review before a decision will be made. The council discussed the Environmental Impact Statement and what all it will entail and City Administrator Brian Shay says the process should take six months to a year and that there will be hearings and plenty of time for people to submit comments on the issue.

After a motion was made to table the report that would choose ICF Jones and Stokes to manage the EIS, Councilman Darin Moir said it is what the people who were concerned about crude by rail were asking for.

All costs by Jones and Stokes will be charged to Westway Terminals and Imperium Grays Harbor, but the selection of the consulting company was made by the City of Hoquiam.

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