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Raymond residents can now drive their ATVs in town

February 25, 2014

You can now ride your ATV through Raymond legally.

The City of Raymond announced that they have approved an ordinance which authorizes the use of Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles on city streets within the city limits. This ordinance takes effect as of this week.

Any ATVs and ORVs must have a vehicle inspection form completed by an authorized dealer or repair shop. These shops in Raymond include NAPA, Steve’s Front End and AP Auto. After an inspection, the form must be kept with vehicle and registration at all times. In the future this form will be required to receive an ON-Road tab from DOL.

ATVs and ORVs must have required equipment to pass the vehicle inspection. If your vehicle fails any one of the equipment requirements your vehicle is not approved for use within the city.

Without the required inspection form, if you are stopped while riding on a city street you are subject to an infraction for OFF-Road vehicle on roadway.

The ordinance is only approved for city streets that are 35 mph or less, and riders must have a valid driver’s license and helmet. Insurance is not required.

Ordinance 1823 was created from the approval of House Bill 1632 since ATVs and ORVs basically follow the Rules of the Road as a motorcycle.

Nothing in this ordinance authorizes the use of the vehicles on Pacific County roads or City of South Bend streets.


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