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Wishkah/Lake Quinault merger to be named Monday

February 25, 2014

The Wishkah and Lake Quinault boys teams will find out on Monday what they will be called, and what they will be wearing, for the coming years at a community meeting Monday.

Principal Keith Samplawski said that this will be the meeting that decides the near future of North County sports.

Following the announcement that the boys teams from each school would be merging following low enrollment for both schools, the decision was made to combine boys sports starting in March for baseball. Because of the merger, a new name, logo, and colors will be chosen for the combined teams.

Residents are invited to the Lake Quinault School Cafeteria at 6 pm on Monday, March 3 for a meeting to vote on the names submitted by students and community members. Each school has narrowed down the names to 3 choices to be voted on at the meeting.

Wishkah Quinault

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