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Aberdeen events getting funds through lodging taxes

February 27, 2014 Comments off

The Aberdeen City Council passed a report that decided how to use local lodging tax funding.

The report was from the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee and they unanimously recommended the list of applicants and how much they should receive.

Fourth of July Splash Festival – $25,000
Greater Grays Harbor – $10,000
Washington State Power lifting Tournament – $9,000
Our Aberdeen Art Promotion Committee – $5,500
Aberdeen Revitalization Movement – $5,000
Founder’s Day Committee – $3,250
Midnight Cruizers Car Show – $2,250
Total – $60,000

The only no vote from the council on the report came from Alice Phelps.

City of Aberdeen

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Worksource warning of scam targeting clients

February 27, 2014 Comments off

The Grays Harbor Worksource Office is warning residents of a new scam being sent by email to Worksource clients.

They say that you should beware of an email stating they received your information from a “MyWorkSource Account”.

According to Bob Weaver at the local office, there is no such account at WorkSource and the email is an attempt to get your personal information.


Emerson Manor efforts continue

February 27, 2014 Comments off

Displaced Emerson Manor residents are getting additional assistance following their evacuation on Monday night.

According to Grays Harbor County Emergency Management, Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney and his staff have continued efforts to lend assistance and advised them on Wednesday that they were able to find space to move some of the tenant property while the clean-up of the individual apartments takes place. They have been in contact with the Hoquiam Food Bank and with the Elks Club about assisting with the long term care of some of the tenants and assisting in efforts to reopen the Senior Center in a different location while the clean-up continues.

Additional testing has taken place to ensure an efficient and complete clean-up of the Emerson Manor Apartments and Senior Center. Drying efforts continue while building plans are being evaluated to be sure every area of the Emerson Manor is inspected and cleaned. The clean-up continues today with more workers arriving to assist in the efforts.

Jerry Raines from the Housing Authority has expressed his appreciation to the tenants, insisting their cooperation and understanding has helped make the entire process run smoothly.

Anchor Bank has set up a fund to assist the Emerson Manor tenants. Grays Harbor residents can donate at any Anchor Bank location and ask for the Emerson Manor Assistance Fund. Only monetary donations will be accepted.


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Local election candidates continue to emerge

February 27, 2014 Comments off

Candidates have begun to come forward for 2014 elections.

Current Deputy Assessor & Senior Appraiser Dan Lindgren will be running for the office of Grays Harbor County Assessor this year.

He has set up a campaign website at and a Facebook page at
Dan Lindgren Grays Harbor County Assessor 2014.

Vickie Raines has filed with the Public Disclosure Commission for the office of Grays Harbor County Commissioner following after she announced her candidacy in November and Katie Svoboda has filed with the PDC for the Grays Harbor County Prosecutor office.

No official filings have been reported by the Grays Harbor County Auditor office.


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Retail marijuana could be allowed in Downtown Aberdeen

February 27, 2014 Comments off

The Aberdeen City Council took the next step in marijuana zoning last night and could allow marijuana in their downtown.

The council passed a report from the Planning Commission that recommended that the production, processing, and sale of marijuana should be permitted in both light industrial and industrial zones, and that retail sales should be permitted in both General Commercial and Downtown Commercial zones. This would allow a retail store within the primary downtown of Aberdeen.

The report also said that collective gardens will remain banned in all zones of the city.

Before the rezoning is official it will have to go through a public hearing on March 12th and then an ordinance at the following meeting based on what the council decides.


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South Aberdeen standoff ends peacefully

February 26, 2014 Comments off

After over 18 hours, the standoff in South Aberdeen has ended.

Just after 8 pm Tuesday night, a 54 year old Aberdeen man was walking along Harding Rd, firing a handgun and shouting. Officers from multiple agencies responded as the man barricaded himself inside a home in the 2000 block of Harding.

Numerous attempts to contact the suspect had been unsuccessful through the night.

According to Aberdeen Police Officer Wayne Schmidt, once the Washington State Patrol Bomb Squad robot was able to get to the house, contact was made with the suspect and he surrendered to police.

He was taken into custody by the Aberdeen Police Department.


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Cause of death revealed for Pacific County orca

February 26, 2014 Comments off

Two years after a 3-year-old endangered orca washed ashore in Pacific County, investigators concluded that the whale was hit, struck or rammed in the head and neck. But they couldn’t determine the source of that blow.

In a report released Tuesday, the team of biologists and veterinarians ruled out possible sources of the blunt trauma, including sonar and small underwater explosive activity in Canadian waters off Vancouver Island.

The death investigation found that the orca known as L-112 likely died miles south of Long Beach, somewhere between north and central Oregon.

The report by the Northwest Marine Mammal Stranding Network also notes that no U.S. naval training activities involving sonar or explosives were conducted in the area during the time of the whale’s death in early February 2012.

Some whale advocates had raised suspicions that the orca’s injuries were linked to an underwater explosion or military training activity at sea.

Orca Network

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