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Lake Quinault and Wishkah create new team in boys sports

March 4, 2014

Starting today, there is a new name in local high school sports. Boys in Lake Quinault and Wishkah will now be playing under the banner and colors of the Twin Valley Wolfpack wearing black and gray.

Last night in Lake Quinault, residents and students from the schools met to choose from multiple options for the new team, including name and colors. Options included playing as Lake Quinault/Wishkah, North County, or Twin Valley; as well as choosing between Wolverines, Sasquatches, or Wolfpack. Also put up to a vote were the official colors of the new team, either a combination of both schools or a new color scheme altogether.

Citing low class size, the schools were forced to shed any former Coastal League rivalries and join together to maintain sports for their students. Lake Quinault Superintendant Rich Dubois said that this was the best option for both schools, adding that this merger will last until both schools have the ability once again to field their own teams.

Baseball practices will be split for the schools; 11 practices at Lake Quinault before switching to 11 practices as Wishkah. Games will also be split. Any rain days will be spent at their own schools for indoor practice.

Because of their combined size, the team will move into the 2B rankings. Both teams have already practiced with each other, but will officially play as a team at their first game on March 18th against Oakville at Wishkah.


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