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Barefoot Bandit memorabilia auctioned off for HAVA

March 6, 2014

You could own a piece of Colton Harris-Moore’s crime spree, and assist a local non-profit at the same time.

Vetters Animal Hospital in Raymond is doing an auction on items left by Harris-Moore, also known as The Barefoot Bandit.

In 2010, as he was travelling across the area stealing boats, cars and airplanes, he took the time to assist the local animal hospital. On Memorial Day weekend in 2010, an employee came into work and found a note and a $100 donation, signed by the teen.

On the note, he wrote ‘Drove by, had some extra cash. Please use this money for the care of animals. –Colton Harris-Moore (AKA: “The Barefoot Bandit”) Camano Island, WA”

At the time, Raymond Police Chief Ken Boyes told the Seattle Times that no one saw the so-called “Barefoot Bandit,” and there was no evidence of any crimes in Raymond. “He just left the money at the door of the animal hospital.”

Now, Vetters is auctioning off the money to support the Harbor Association of Volunteers for Animals, or HAVA. The hospital has framed the money, a copy of the note(not the original), and the reports to authenticate.

The framed piece will be listed on Ebay, with all proceeds going to benefit HAVA.

Barefoot HAVA

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