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Local transit funding goes into effect April 1

March 10, 2014

Starting in April, the funding for Grays Harbor Transit will begin to be taken out of local taxes.

The local sales and use tax in all of Grays Harbor County is increasing by one-tenth of one percent on April 1 to help pay for transportation. The total sales and use tax rate will increase to 8.5 % in Grays Harbor, except for Aberdeen, where the new combined rate will be 8.63%.

In July, GH Transit voted to end weekend service following a decrease in state funding, putting the resolution onto the November ballot. In November, the resolution passed by over 70%.

A cut in service involved laying off eight employees including six drivers, one maintenance person and one part-time customer service person. Aberdeen Mayor Bill Simpson said at the time that making job cuts is hard, “but there was no way around it.”

Funding is not expected to be available until this summer. It is not known how many employees will return following a renewal in weekend service.

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