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Marijuana business allowed on Grays Harbor county land

March 18, 2014

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners set their regulations for the marijuana businesses on unincorporated land in Grays Harbor yesterday.

After postponing their decision on the zoning and regulation of the recreational marijuana business in Grays Harbor two weeks so that all of the Commissioners could be on hand, the Commissioners passed and an ordinance that made multiple changes to the Grays Harbor County Code.

The production and processing of marijuana are now permitted in the county and the retail will be permitted with restrictions.

Commissioner Wes Cormier said with out this ordinance there would have been no regulation on the business.

Executive Vice President of The Green Harvest Corporation Bob Morris spoke after the ordinance passed and thanked the commissioners and explained the companies plan for their new business that will be located on Highway 101 north of Hoquiam at the former Mayor Bros. location. Morris said that they will hire around 25 employees, primarily from the local labor pool, with a hope to do $1 million worth of business a year.

The ordinance passed unanimously and Commissioner Frank Gordon said it was to cooperate with the peoples’ choice that was made with the passage of I-502


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