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Crowdsourcing could save Kurt Cobain’s Aberdeen home

March 20, 2014

A Portland woman has started an online campaign to turn the former home of Kurt Cobain into a museum, and she is asking for $700,000 to start the process.

Jaime Dunkle started a crowdsourcing campaign on gofundme, with a goal of raising the money to purchase the home instead of someone with plans other than memorializing the former resident, 20 years after his death.

“We’re making sure this house is memorialized by us fans so it doesn’t end up in the clutches of capitalist greed. This museum will reflect the anti-commercialism spirit of Nirvana.”

Dunkle said that she realizes it is a lot of money, but the final result will be worth it.

“every penny counts toward preserving this house and making it the only real Kurt Cobain museum in Kurt’s hometown. Kurt Cobain will have his revenge on Aberdeen! Let’s make it happen.”

Dunkle posted on the page that the home will not be fixed or updated after purchase, but will remain as is.

“…it’s not fancy, but it’s real. And that’s how we want the house to remain. Ideally, it will contain actual donated items from his life. That part is still in negotiation. Right now we need to get the house to make sure it’s preserved.”

Those who donate will receive added incentives. For $15 you receive a year of membership to the museum, $50 for a 5 year membership. For $100 you receive the membership as well as a tshirt, and for $1000 you receive “Lifetime museum membership, t-shirt, sleepover after construction.”

To donate, visit the campaign at http://www.gofundme.com/KurtCobainMuseum

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