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Hoquiam ban on marijuana business moves back to City Council

March 20, 2014

The City of Hoquiam continued their discussion today about their possible ban of marijuana business within city limits, but this time with the Land Use Hearing Examiner.

Eric Toews met with City Planner Josh Beach, City Administrator Brian Shay, and the 3 community members in attendance this morning to discuss the impacts that a recent decision made by the Hoquiam City Council would have on the city.

Toews said, his recommendation is not the final say on the matter. His recommendation will be sent onto the City Council for the final decision.

In January, the planning commission recommended the city change their Municipal Code, requiring Marijuana producers, processors, and retailers to be located in Industrial Zoned areas. The City Council restricted the industry even more, banning the businesses within the city “until such time as Federal law is amended to permit the growing, distribution and possession of marijuana”.

Hoquiam resident Dave Forbes commented to staff, that he feels the city is going too far. “I don’t have any problem with marijuana one way or another. This ordinance though looks like it’s over-reach big time.”

Forbes said that they City should not make decisions that contradict Washington law, saying that state law would handle any issues that may come up if the city is out of line.

Forbes added that with low attendance at the public hearing, the reason was lack of public notice.

The City of Hoquiam did post an announcement on their website and announced it at the City Council meeting prior to today.

Toews has 14 days to make his recommendation to the city, and at that time another public hearing will be held. The city will post information prior to that meeting, alerting the public.

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