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Hoquiam cuts ambulance service to Pacific Beach

March 20, 2014

The City of Hoquiam has once again cut ambulance service to Pacific Beach following non-payment and fraud.

In a letter, City Administrator Brian Shay said that the district notified the City that it will not pay for any ambulance services between July 12, 2013 and December 31, 2013, on the basis that there was no written agreement in effect due to the city terminating the previous agreement because of non-payment.

After entering bargaining with District 8, a new agreement was signed, but Shay said that it was signed with items added fraudulently and would have never been signed if it was known the District had no intention to pay.

Shay said that the fraud from District 8 came by altering the agreement that was drafted by the City of Hoquiam prior to signature without letting anyone know. Added language was added that said;

PROVIDED FURTHER that if a patient is billed for service by Hoquiam and Hoquiam is paid any amount on that bill no fee will be assigned to the District, if no patient or patient’s agent payment is made with in (sic) 120 days then the District will pay the assigned fee as applicable in this paragraph. If payment is received after the billing date for that quarter the fees paid by the District will be credited back to the district on the next billing cycle.

Shay said that there is absolutely no way that the City of Hoquiam would have ever knowingly agreed to this added language, “The City of Hoquiam is very disappointed that a governmental entity would engage in unscrupulous acts of this nature in dealing with another governmental entity.”

City of Hoquiam

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