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Renovation projects underway at Grays Harbor Raceway

March 21, 2014

The ink is barely dry on the contract and Funtime Promotions say that they are already working full speed at Grays Harbor Raceway.

There are many renovation projects getting underway as the 2014 season quickly approaches. Danny Kirkpatrick and K&B Excavating are busy reshaping the pit parking area. “The reshaping project will allow the pit parking area to drain and dry much quicker after a rain storm” said General Manager Steve Beitler, “The reshaping and a slightly different parking pattern will make the pit area a lot nicer for the teams. We want to improve the lighting and the sound system in the pit area this summer also”.

Other renovation projects underway are a total makeover in the main concession and upgrades to all the other concessions. “There are a lot of projects that need to be done, we will gradually get them upgraded one by one.” said Beitler, “We are committed to give the racers and the fans a great place to enjoy their Saturday Nights!”


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