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Aberdeen teen sent to Harborview following longboard accident

March 25, 2014

A 14 year old Aberdeen boy is at Harborview Medical Center after falling off his longboard on Basich Boulevard yesterday.

Monday afternoon, Aberdeen Officers were called the 1400 block of Basich Boulevard after the boy fell. Aberdeen Fire Department was on scene and treating the 14 year old.

Friends of the victim said that the four boys had ridden longboards on Basich more times than they could remember. The 14 year old and a friend rode down the hill as two boys followed in a car. The friends said that the victim’s board began to wobble and he fell off, landing in the road.

The victim was not wearing head protection.

Witnesses said that when they got to the victim he was breathing but unresponsive.

The victim was transported to GH Community Hospital and airlifted out to Harborview.


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