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Grays Harbor unemployment increases, moves out of top 2

March 26, 2014

Grays Harbor unemployment increased from January to February, now set at 12.3%. With an increase of 0.7% from January, the number is still lower than last year when the rate was 13.9%.

Despite the increase, the county has moved out of the top 2 for the first time since February of 2013, when Grays Harbor was in 3rd place within the state. In 2012, unemployment was 14%, 14.1% in 2011, 15.7% in 2010 and 2009, and 7.8% in 2008.

Labor economist Jim Vleming said that Grays Harbor and the coast are moving out of the recession, along with the remainder of the state, but the process is slow.

Pacific County dropped in February, from 11.6% in January to 11.3% for February.

Ferry County is showing the highest unemployment numbers at 13.7% for February, with Pend Oreille at 12.6%, and Whatcom tied with Grays Harbor at 12.3%.

The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the private sector gained 1,900 jobs over the month and the public sector gained 600 jobs. Estimates for February 2013 to February
2014 indicate an increase in employment of 54,400 for the state.

Statewide, unemployment sits at 6.4%, with over 85% of the counties showing numbers higher. The national unemployment rate has been seasonally adjusted to 6.7%


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