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Effort to block marijuana from Downtown Aberdeen voted against

March 27, 2014

The Aberdeen City Council passed the first reading of their Marijuana business zoning at last night’s meeting and turned down a proposed amendment to it as well.

The council brought the bill to the floor for its first reading and Councilwoman Kathi Hoder made a motion to amend the bill by removing the marijuana retail businesses from the downtown zones. Hoder said it was not what she wanted for downtown Aberdeen.

“If we’re going to put all this money in downtown, we’ll have this business, but we don’t need it downtown.” said Hoder.

Councilwoman Margo Short said that it would also be easier to authorize the businesses in the commercial zones later if everything worked out well.

Short said, “If we put it out in the industrial/light industrial areas…if it works out fine. And after the initial hurrahs and everything get by and the legislature comes along with everything they’re going to do, if we decide we want it downtown then we can move it downtown. If we have it downtown, we’re not going to move it back out.”

Councilman Pete Schave said that not only was it the will of the people, but that it is not unlike other businesses that have been in the area before, saying

“Say it moved into the old liquor store downtown. What’s the difference? that was a perfectly legitimate, controlled, highly regulated, operated liquor store for years, and it’s a highly visible area. What’s the difference?”

The amendment was voted down 9 to 3 with Short, Hoder, and Councilwoman Alice Phelps voting for it.

The first reading was then passed with the only no vote coming from Short.


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