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Both suspects now in custody from the Lebam area burglary

March 28, 2014

The Pacific County Sheriff’s now have both suspects in custody for the burglary that took place in the Lebam area.

The Sheriff’s Office received a call around 11 yesterday morning that there were two masked individuals burglarizing a home that was occupied at the time and responded to the situation. Pacific County Chief Criminal Deputy Pat Matlock said the suspects had been chased from the scene when they arrived.

The sheriff’s deputies then set up a perimeter and brought in their K9 tracking dog, but they were unable to locate the suspects at that time.

As they were still working on the case the sheriffs received a call at around 6:45 in the evening from a neighbor of the residence saying that someone had come out of the woods and asked to use their phone.

The sheriffs arrived on the scene and were able to indicate that it was one of the suspects from the burglary and take the 52 year old Grayland man in to custody.

Matlock said that the second suspect was taken into custody at around 2:30 early this morning.

The second suspect a 32 year old Aberdeen woman came out of the woods about two and and a half miles from the site of the burglary and went to a house. The house owner called the Sheriff’s and the woman was arrested without incident.

The two suspects are now being held at the Pacific County Jail.


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