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Quinault Indian Nation vote in new councilmembers

April 1, 2014

The Quinault Indian Nation has new General Council members following their annual meeting over the weekend, and they already have work to do.

1st Councilman Tyson Johnston, and 2nd Councilman Jim Sellers retained their seats by acclamation and 5th Councilman Dawneen Delacruz was voted in to retain her seat; Aliza Brown, and Lucretia Pope were voted in by enrolled tribal members.

Along with their annual meeting, the US Army Corps of Engineers had more than 100 dump trucks in Taholah, working on the seawall.

QIN President Fawn Sharp said “We wish to acknowledge and thank the help of the Corps of Engineers as well as Grays Harbor Emergency Services, the elected officials and all others who have sent their prayers and offers of support. Our people will be kept safe and we will continue to seek a more long term solution to this dangerous situation”.

The Corps approved Quinault’s request for emergency assistance shortly after it concurred that an emergency situation exists, posing an imminent threat to the lives and safety of residents of Taholah due to breaching of the seawall and encroachment of high waves and sea water.

This month, the QIN has a meeting planned on April 9 to discuss the master planning for village relocation of Taholah in order to move beyond the Tsunami Zone and flood inundation areas. This will be the kick-off meeting for a 3 year project to plan new neighborhoods for housing, commercial development and public buildings.

Photo from The Nugguam

Photo from The Nugguam

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