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UPDATE: Fire destroys Beacon Hill garage, residents saved by Hoquiam Police and Fire

April 1, 2014

—Story Corrected for Details—

A fire on Beacon Hill destroyed a garage, and both residents had to be carried to safety.

Tuesday afternoon, the Hoquiam Fire Department got the call for a home in the 400 block of Beacon Hill Drive. At the time, the majority of emergency personnel were already on medical calls within the city.

Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers and Sergeant Jeff Salstrom were first on the scene to find the garage fully engulfed.

When they got to the home, the elderly couple was trapped by the fire. Connected to the garage was a deck leading to the main doors. The man who lived at the home was blocked by the fire, and Myers attempted to climb the back deck, but was unable to due to the heat. Volunteer firefighter David Judd from District #6 arrived on scene in full bunker gear and was able to climb over the railing, lifting the man down to Myers and Salstrom and to safety. Inside the home, the man’s wife was grabbing items before escaping. The volunteer was able to kick down the door, handing the woman down safely as well.

Hoquiam Water Department workers who arrived to help were able to drag a fire hose to the closest hydrant when the first truck arrived on scene with limited crew, and additional off duty personnel and the Aberdeen Fire Department were called in to assist as fire engulfed the garage, setting off explosions that Fire Chief Paul Dean told KXRO may have been propane tanks.

Dean said that he commends the police officers and first responders for their quick work and the team effort by police, volunteer firefighters, city and off duty staff in their response.

The fire was under control within 30 minutes. There were no injuries, and the home suffered only minor burns and some smoke damage thanks to the fire wall in the garage.


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