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Grays Harbor Community Foundation celebrates 20th Anniversary

April 7, 2014

The Grays Harbor Community Foundation is celebrating their 20th Anniversary, and at an event they detailed the work in Grays Harbor that the foundation has accomplished over the years.

The GHCF recently released their annual report for 2013. The report showed the Foundation started the year with $37.36 million in assets and ended the year $46.96 million all-the-while helping local nonprofits and schools, and providing scholarships to the tune of $1.6 million. There were slightly over $400,000 in expenses which also helped to fuel the local economy.

The 2013 earnings of 19.60% on investments, with total expenses of 0.88%, contributions of $4.5 million, and 260 scholarships were also shown. Several stories of donors and grant recipients are also included in the annual report.

Tom Quigg, Board Chairman, said that a year and a half ago, Executive Director Jim Daly proposed a goal of $50 million in assets by their 20th year anniversary, which the Board thought was quite intimidating. But, he said, we are confident now we will reach that goal in the next few months.

To learn more about the foundation, visit their website at http://www.gh-cf.org.


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