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Pistol stolen from Hoquiam car

April 10, 2014

2 Hoquiam men were arrested for taking a gun from a car.

2 women, 18 and 26, from Hoquiam had left their purses inside a locked car at the Hoquiam 7-11, but due to the nice weather, the sunroof was left open. Both were inside for about five minutes and when they returned they noticed the 26 year old’s purse was missing. Inside the purse was a fully loaded 9mm semi-automatic pistol. The 26 year old has a valid concealed weapons permit.

The two immediately called 911 to report the theft and said that they saw 2 men that they knew standing near the corner of the store as they arrived.

After about an hour, the 18 year old learned the pistol was taken over to relatives by a26 year old Hoquiam man, who had been one of the men standing by 7-11 at the time of the theft. The 26 year old knew the victim and said that he did not want to be responsible for the pistol and turned it over to a family member who lives in Aberdeen.

The 18 year old and her grandmother retrieved the pistol.

HPD interviewed multiple witnesses, recovering the 26 year old’s purse, and arrested the 26 year old who had returned the pistol as well as the 18 year old who had stole it.

Both suspects have extensive criminal history.


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