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$200,000 in energy savings for Hoquiam School District

April 14, 2014

$9 million will be going to 29 school districts across the state for energy improvements. This includes over $200,000 for Hoquiam.

The projects will produce both immediate and long-term energy savings, improve the environmental qualities of the schools and stimulate construction jobs. The energy grant projects leverage state funds with utility incentives, energy savings and local money to make improvements that may otherwise not be affordable.

The 29 projects have a total project cost of $38.3 million.

“These improvements do more than just reduce energy,” Dorn said. “They remove obsolete heating and lighting equipment, keep cold winter breezes out and help create safer parking lots and walkways. The greatest change is that the improvements in the classrooms make concentrating on learning less of a challenge”

In all, 50 school districts applied for grant funding for school infrastructure and building system improvements with more than $50.1 million in total project costs.

Similar funding by the state Legislature for energy efficiency has been granted to school districts beginning in 2009.

To date, OSPI has granted nearly $134 million to 176 school districts around the state.


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