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Hoquiam to consider allowing marijuana business

April 15, 2014

With a lottery scheduled starting on Monday for retail marijuana licenses, and only one allowed within Hoquiam, the City Council reversed their decision on marijuana businesses at last night’s meeting.

The council had previously voted to draft an ordinance that would effectively ban Marijuana businesses in the city until it was legalized federally.

Jim Eddy of the Washington State Marijuana League spoke on the subject during the public comment period saying that the federal government has recognized Washington residents want for legalized marijuana, using the state as a “laboratory” for the industry.

Councilman Darrin Moir spoke against the change saying that the city should protect itself incase something changes in the current federal opinion.

Councilman Richard Pennant spoke for allowing Marijuana business in the city.

“I mean, we’re making money off alcohol, we’re making money off tobacco. I don’t see anything morally wrong with allowing marijuana in the city of Hoquiam. It’s already here, we’re just not making any money off it, and we’re all pretending it’s not here.”

The council voted down the ordinance 8 to 3 that would have banned the businesses, with the three yes votes coming from Councilmen John Pellegrini, Paul McMillan, and Moir.

A motion was made and passed to redraft the zoning ordinance to remove the ban.

That ordinance will be on the agenda at the council meeting on April 28th.


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