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Local pontoon construction 2/3 complete

April 15, 2014

As 2 pontoons from cycle 3 left Grays Harbor over the weekend and 2 more are scheduled to leave this month, now 6 more from cycle 4 are scheduled to float out of the casting basin this week.

Ian Sterling, spokesman for the SR 520 Bridge Replacement and HOV Program tells KXRO that crews plan to work through the night tonight, with the first pontoon scheduled to leave the casting basin close to midnight to coincide with high tide.

The pontoons will be towed to the Port of Grays Harbor for inspections, and stored until they make the journey to Lake Washington.

These six pontoons represent the fourth cycle built in Aberdeen, meaning two-thirds of the 33 pontoons being constructed locally are now complete. Other bridge pontoons are being built in Tacoma.

Longitudinal Pontoon P left Grays Harbor last Thursday, Pontoon O left on Sunday, Pontoon M is scheduled to tow out from Grays Harbor beginning on Wednesday, and Pontoon N is scheduled to leave later this month.

In all, 52 of the 77 total pontoons needed for the new bridge are now complete.

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