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Lake Quinault re-opening to the public

April 16, 2014

The Quinault Indian Nation has decided to reopen Lake Quinault to nontribal use, under new regulations after it was closed in April of 2013.

According the QIN President Fawn Sharp, the lake was closed due to concerns related to water pollution, invasive species, public safety and the need to protect and restore salmon habitat. It was reopened, for swimming only, in time for the July 4 weekend.

Sharp said Tuesday the tribe will try to both safeguard the lake and share it with others.

Sharp told KXRO earlier this month “Closing the lake was not an easy decision for the Quinault Nation to make. We realize it caused difficulties for a number of people. But I’m happy to say that our relationship with the businesses and residents in the Lake Quinault area has improved and that there seems to be greater understanding about our reasons for taking the action we did.”

Representatives of the QIN met with community members in the last month and shared draft regulations.

On Monday, the QIN Business Committee passed fishing, boating and use regulations for 2014.

Quinault Lake

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