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Timberland Regional Libraries closing for training

April 16, 2014

Timberland Regional Library will be closing this month as they hold training for their staff at each location.

Each branch in Grays Harbor will close for one day on a rolling schedule to ensure the public still has access to services.

Timberland Regional Library employees will have a day of training at their local branches. Staff will participate in training to enhance their knowledge and skills in library service to the public.

County Library Closure Date
Grays Harbor Aberdeen May 7, Wed.
Amanda Park May 22, Thurs.
Elma May 8, Thurs.
Hoquiam May 22, Thurs.
McCleary May 7, Wed.
Montesano May 23, Fri.
Oakville May 8, Thurs.
Westport May 23, Fri.

The TRL Administrative Center will not close.


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