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Boat washes ashore, covered in vegetation

April 29, 2014

Another boat has washed onto Ocean Shores, and authorities are investigating if it is from the 2011 tsunami.

Ocean Shores Police originally called the Coast Guard when the boat was found, according to Deputy Director of Emergency Management Chuck Wallace, before the Department of Ecology took control of the case.

Some of the officials working with the boat say that writing is visible, but at this time it is not known if it is in fact Japanese.

Department of Ecology is currently running tests to discover where the boat has been.

Ecology Department spokeswoman Linda Kent says it was covered with barnacles and seaweed. It was taken to a state Parks maintenance facility where the marine life is being removed and tested for invasive species.

Kent says it’s obvious the boat was floating a long time, but there’s no indication yet where it came from.

Wallace said that it may be up to a week before any determination can be made.

Another boat was found last Wednesday near Long Beach, also covered with marine life. It also was taken to a state Parks facility and no sign of its origin was found.

Kent says there has been no confirmed tsunami debris since last year.

Ocean Shores Boat

Photo: Karen Rasmussen/Ocean Shores Police Dept.

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