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City of Hoquiam marijuana decisions remain hazy

April 29, 2014

The Hoquiam City Council has been back and forth on marijuana and last night’s meeting had more twists in the story.

In previous meetings, the Hoquiam City Council have gone from banning marijuana business to supporting it, and at last night’s meeting the decision shifted again.

The agenda had several marijuana related items, starting with an ordinance that would have allowed marijuana businesses. The ordinance was approved seven to five.

The next ordinance was a provision for marijuana business so that it would be allowed, despite not being federally legal. That ordinance received a vote of six to six which meant the motion failed, contradicting the previous vote.

After discussion Councilwoman Kay Diehm said that she had made a mistake with her vote on the zoning ordinance and made a motion to reconsider. The zoning ordinance was voted down six to six.

The next two ordinances on the agenda regarding the repealing of Marijuana Moratoriums were then stricken from the agenda.

Later in the meeting under Old Business, Councilman Ben Winkelman brought a motion the floor to make slight changes to the ordinances.

That motion also was met with a six to six vote, but since it was not an ordinance Mayor Jack Durney had the opportunity to break the tie and did with a yes vote that approved that the ordinance will be on the next meeting’s agenda with the changes.

Durney said he voted yes because he believes the will of the people needs to be respected.

Following a state lottery last week, at the next City Council meeting, Hoquiam will have a retail store with an available license.

The no votes in last night’s meeting came from John Pellegrini, Paul McMillan, Darrin Moir, Bill Nelson, Greg Grun and Kay Diehm.

At the previous meeting the council supported marijuana business 8 to 3 and the three votes against it came from Councilmen John Pellegrini, Paul McMillan, and Darrin Moir; Councilman Bill Nelson was absent.


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