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Quinault Indian Nation business expanding in Aberdeen

April 30, 2014

The Quinault Indian Nation is looking to expand their business in Aberdeen to include a full gas station and market, and construction could begin as soon as next week.

The Nation purchased 5 pieces of land between their current Trust Land holding Q Mart and Harbor Tool Rentals for $117,500 in August of last year. The Assessed value of the property was $94,500.

Employees of Q-Mart II told KXRO that the new facility could begin construction as soon as next week to build a larger tobacco and alcohol store, as well as add gas pumps to the land currently housing the store in East Aberdeen. The building housing their business currently will then move to Oyehut to replace the smaller Q-Mart store already in operation.

The land sale featured the empty lots directly to the east and south of Harbor Tools, as well as a sliver of land on the corner of Wishkah and Fuller streets, historically used for political and garage sale sign postings.

Harbor Tool owner John Vanairsdale told KXRO in September that the Nation approached him to purchase the land and he decided that it was an opportunity he could not pass up. At this time, the Harbor Tool land and building are not being sold.

Currently, the new building would be on recognized US Trust Land, and the new property purchased by the QIN would be used for storage and parking.

Land not held in trust may only be acquired for a tribe in trust status when officials determine that it is necessary to facilitate tribal self-determination, economic development, or Indian housing.

In order to convert the lots over to US Trust Land, the tribe would need to file a letter of intent with the City of Aberdeen. After a public comment and environmental testing period is complete, the decision to transfer the land into non-taxable would be made by the Regional Director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

If the property becomes Trust Land, the Nation would not have to pay any taxes to the city on the property and would only be responsible for utilities.

Q Mart II

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