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Grays Harbor PUD saves residents $75,000

May 8, 2014

The Grays Harbor PUD is clearing up what is left of their property at Harbor Paper, and it won’t cost the ratepayers a dime.

The Commissioners on Thursday authorized the PUD to have Hero Demolition remove the wastewater treatment facility as well as the buildings, equipment, and scrap on site. Hero is already on site demolishing portions of the former mill and came to the PUD with the offer to demolish, with the agreement that they would be able to keep all of the scrap materials.

By removing the materials at no cost, no cost will be brought upon ratepayers.

“The Grays Harbor PUD is committed to cleaning its share of the Harbor Paper site in a way that is responsible to both our customers and the environment,” said Commission President Russ Skolrood. “This agreement meets that commitment.”

With this agreement, the PUD will save an estimated $75,000.


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