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Scammers posing as County Sheriff’s Office calling residents

May 14, 2014

The Mason County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about a scam to get your personal information.

On Monday, the Mason County Sheriff’s Office received a from a Mason County resident that they had received a call from a man claiming to be a Deputy Sheriff with the Mason County Sheriff’s Office. The caller said that there was an outstanding warrant for their arrest and ordered them to come to the Sheriff’s Office to pay a fine or that they would be arrested.

The resident was suspicious, so they called the publicly listed number for the Sheriff’s Office, instead of the number that the caller provided, and asked the Dispatcher if the caller was a real Deputy.

Dispatch advised that the suspicious caller was not a Deputy and a real Deputy called the number back, posing as the resident’s spouse. A man answered the telephone, saying that it was the Mason County Sheriff’s Office. After a short conversation, the Deputy advised the suspect that he was an actual Deputy Sheriff. The suspect said that he assumed that he was a “real cop”, saying that he uses this scam to attempt to collect people’s social security numbers and then hung up.

Even though real Deputy Sheriff’s may in fact occasionally call people to advise them that they may have a warrant, a real Deputy will never ask for any social security bank number or any personal information over the phone.

Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury said that identity theft is one of the biggest and fastest growing crimes in the nation and that all citizens need to safeguard their personal information.

Even though the suspect was brash enough to admit that his calling was an intentional scam and hung up, the Mason County Sheriff’s Office will continue to investigate.


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