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Marijuana business turns to Craigslist for investors

May 16, 2014

Earlier this month, the Washington State Liquor Control Board approved the 6 retail licenses allowed within the county. 2 of these licenses were for a businesses on State Route 109 on the North Beach.

Someone describing themselves as a representative of one these companies posted a request this week saying, “I am a managing member of an LLC that won in the I-502 Retail lottery for Unincorporated Grays Harbor County. We are currently seeking investors and any commercial property owners looking for great tenants.”

The request says that their ideal location would be near Hogan’s Corner, where Washington Coast Marketing had listed their retail store address. The request however lists an locatiom closer to the license application of Pakalolo.

A third company, The 3-M’s of Grays Harbor, tells KXRO that they have plans for a store in Elma on Schouweiler Rd.

License winning businesses are not obligated to stay at the address they applied for. Despite winning the lottery, applicants must still pass a background check, financial investigation and other requirements before any licenses are issued.

If the approved businesses are unable to open, the license will be available to the next application on the list.

The agency expects to begin issuing retail licenses no later than the first week of July.


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