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Weyerhaeuser permit website now live

May 19, 2014

Weyerhaeuser has launched their new website for local permits on their land.

The Aberdeen Operating Area in Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties currently allows free public access during the day to their property. Last month the company announced that in August, new rules will require a permit for certain areas within the region.

According to Weyerhaeuser, “Beginning on August 1st, 2014, the Aberdeen Operating Area will be instituting a new access policy that will require the purchase of a permit for all motorized and non-motorized access to most of our property.”

Access will require a $75 annual permit, which will be available starting June 19 in limited numbers.

For $75, a General Access Permit will “give you, your spouse and children age 18 and under, access to 126,000 acres, seven days a week from 1½ hours before daylight to 1½ hours after sunset, from August 1st to July 31st.”

There are three Enhanced Permit Areas that will have a limited number of permits issued for the Upper Donovan, Satsop, and Artic.

North River will require its own permit for a lease. This is an exclusive use area where overnight camping is allowed, but normal forest management activities will continue.

Bidding opens today and closes June 4th. The starting bid was set at $1,206, or $1 per acre.

The North Elma and Lower Donovan will not require a permit for non-motorized access.

For maps, complete permit prices, and lease bidding, visit http://www.wyrecreationnw.com.


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