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Harbor Paper cleanup continues for Grays Harbor PUD

May 20, 2014

The Grays Harbor PUD is looking to surplus tons of Harbor Paper by-products.

The PUD took another step towards concluding its portion of the clean-up of the former Harbor Paper mill site by passing a resolution that designated by-products as surplus and authorized them for sale, donation or disposal. The PUD has declared the 30,368 tons of sand/ash fertilizer and 18,984 tons of bark/rock mixture as surplus.

Grays Harbor PUD General Manager Dave Ward spoke on the resolution at yesterday’s meeting.

Commissioner Russ Skolrood says so far they have come in under budget pumping out the remaining wastewater, and demolishing the wastewater facilities and once they have the test results of the piles they will know more about their options to dispose of them at the lowest possible cost.


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