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Updated Grays Harbor Public Hospital board filings

May 20, 2014

GHPHD214 residents have filed for the 7 offices open if Grays Harbor Public Hospital District #2 becomes a reality following the August ballot.

The new district would be split into 5 sections, with 7 directors. 1 would represent each district, and 2 others would serve at large.

These offices will be voted on, but would not become official if GHPD#2 is not approved.

At large Position 1
Tim Howden
Robert Torgerson

At large Position 2
Ryan S Farrer

Director District 1
Maryann Welch
Moraya Wilson

Director District 2
Armando Juarez Jr.

Director District 3
Miles H Longenbaugh

Director District 4
Jim G George
Andrew Bickar
John Sherrett
David E Monsen

Director District 5
Pete Scroggs
Bruce Daniels
Rocky Rocquin

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