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85 year old Pacific County bridge being removed

May 22, 2014

Drivers on State Route 6 will soon be able to watch a piece of history, as crews lay original 85-year-old Willapa River Bridge to rest this week.

Drivers can expect delays of up to 20 minutes while crews dismantle the old bridge from the top down.

One-lane traffic has been using the new SR 6 Willapa River Bridge since April 30.

Removing the steel structure requires two large cranes working in tandem: One crane will hold the bridge steady as crews cut it into manageable sections, while the second will swing the cut sections over SR 6 and onto a flatbed. The steel will then be hauled to a location where it can be safely dismantled.

Once the old bridge is removed, crews will demolish the concrete-and-steel piers.

Demolition is expected to be complete in late June.

While some workers dismantle the old bridge, others will continue to reconstruct SR 6.

The highway is scheduled to be paved and re-opened to both lanes on the new bridge in mid-June. All construction is expected to be complete in July.


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