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City of Westport looking for remedy to graffiti

May 28, 2014

While graffiti is not a consistent issue in Westport, the city is looking at ways to hinder the issue in the future.

At Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, the topic was discussed about adding graffiti to their list of nuisances following a recent situation on a city building and a rental home that have gone unfixed. Currently, excess trash, stagnant water, and dilapidated buildings are included in the nuisance list, enforced by a $100 fine per day if not cleaned up after 10 days, with a $500 fine per day after 30 days.

City Councilman Robert Shelton questioned adding graffiti into this section, since graffiti is not caused by the resident and he said leniency should be given.

City Administrator Randy Lewis said that in the past there has always been leniency for individuals actively trying to fix an issue. Shelton said that his issue was not with hindering graffiti, but how it should be governed.

The issue was tabled until their next regular meeting.

The City of Aberdeen has the graffiti issue on their agenda for tonight’s meeting as well.


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