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Public comment needed on Enchanted Valley Chalet

May 30, 2014

The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation has turned to the public to find a way to save the Enchanted Valley Chalet.

The Olympic National Park recently issued an expedited environmental assessment to temporarily move the chalet away from the bank of the East Quinault, currently eroding the land below and exposing the historic building to a risk of falling into the river.

A proposal to move the chalet approximately 50-100 feet from the bank and remove the remaining foundation would avoid the imminent collapse of the chalet to allow for more time to find a permanent solution.

The state department is now asking for residents to comment on the assessment, due by June 5. They say that comments should highlight 3 points.

  • Thanking ONP officials for taking action to protect both the river and for allowing time to evaluate long-term protection for the chalet.
  • Note that the river threatened the chalet about 10 years ago, and in 2005 low-impact measures were taken resulting in protection to the chalet for the past 8 years. Highlight that low-impact solutions do exist.
  • Mention that the chalet has served as a back country ranger station and a four season emergency shelter for the past 60 years.

In 2014, the Washington Trust included the Enchanted Valley Chalet in on their Most Endangered Historic Properties List.  In 2013, the Electric Building in Aberdeen was also on that list.
Comments can be submitted online.

More information, including the full environmental assessment, can be accessed at the following website: Enchanted Valley Chalet Environmental Assessment.


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